How to install the wall shelf? The three styles are beautiful and practical!

Nowadays, many families like to install a simple bookshelf on the wall when they are decorating, especially for small families. After all, due to space constraints, in the case of the inability to place a bookcase, you can only find a way on the wall. A suitable wall shelf not only solves the basic book storage problem, but also effectively decorates the monotonous wall surface, making the bookshelf beautiful and practical. But how to install the wall shelf? Because of the small amount of engineering, it is not cost-effective to find a professional master. Most of the time, you need to do it yourself. Let’s look at the installation methods of three different styles of bookshelves.

  1. Mounting method of rack-mounted rack-mounted wall shelves: First, you can use screws to assemble each board, then you need to use a ruler to measure the exact distance between the two holes on the back, and then you need to be on the wall. , find the right distance and mark it. Next, you need to use an electric drill to punch holes in the marked place, and knock the expanded screw tube into the air, preferably flush with the wall, so that it does not affect the appearance. Finally, screw the screw to the expansion tube, and fix it. At the same time, you can leave the screw head about 5MM, which is convenient for hanging the bookshelf on the wall. After the completion, check it.

2, one-word How to install a one-word wall shelf? In fact, the method is very simple, and listen to the details. Before installation, you need to use a level to measure the height of the horizontal position. Then place the iron frame vertically on the wall and mark the mark where it needs to be punched. Then use a special tool to punch holes in the mark, about 6 to 8 mm, and then insert the plastic expansion screw into the hole. Finally, the tube on the wrought iron, to which the tube is expanded, fixed with screws, and then placed on the top of the board. The one-word bookshelf is easy to install and the decoration effect is good. Try it.

3, wall-mounted Wall-mounted wall shelves, is the most common and most common type of bookshelf, the installation method will not be very complicated, mainly the following steps. You can first measure the shelf partition, the distance between the two holes, and then mark the wall to determine where to install. Then drill the hole with the electric drill. After installing the expansion tube, you can install the screws and adjust the length of the screws. Finally install the shelf partition and adjust the position. Wall-mounted, regardless of the size of the apartment, and the effect is not bad. How to install the wall shelf? The above describes the three types of wall shelf installation methods. I believe everyone will have mastered it after reading it.

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